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Hampton Roads VA Airbrush Makeup Artist Aesthetician

Airbrushed versus Hand-Applied Makeup

Clients frequently ask if there is a difference

between airbrushed makeup and hand-applied

makeup. In short, the answer is . . . yes!

You will see a beautiful result regardless of

which option you choose, but airbrushed

makeup has definite advantages over cream

or liquid based product:

  • It is long wearing.

  • It creates a truly flawless finish!

  • It is the most hygienic – no contact at all, so

       perfect for those with Rosacea or other

       sensitivity concerns

  • water resistant

  • transfer resistant

Skin finishes are not transfer proof or waterproof.  Only alcohol based formulas used for body applications are truly waterproof and smudgeproof. Some product is truly waterproof such as eyeliners, some eyebrow enhancers, and setting sprays.

  • It is an affordable luxury – treat yourself – it’s your wedding!

  • The feel is light as air. Many clients who don’t typically wear foundation find the texture very comfortable and appealing.

  • It photographs beautifully for HD photography and videography.

For your airbrushed makeup application, with this Hampton Roads VA Airbrush Makeup Artist Aesthetician you can expect your foundation, blush, contour, and highlight skin finishes to be air-brushed. Kim then transitions to powder or cream products to finish and set your look. Traditional foundation and face product maybe used to enhance or supplement your styling depending on the level of coverage desired or deemed necessary. Eye makeup is always executed using cream and powder formulations to ensure an efficient and well executed look using multiple tones.

When is it better to choose traditional hand-applied skin finishes?

  • It is a more suitable application and finish for those with very mature skin (having deep lines and wrinkles).

  • It is a better option for women with excess vellus hair (aka peach fuzz).

  • Your artist may opt to supplement your airbrush makeup to create the most appropriate and flawless coverage.

Will you love your finished look? Absolutely!