Luxe and on Trend

Kim Trotto is a professional make artist and licensed master esthetician located in Seaford VA, who serves all of Hampton Roads and the state of Virginia. She specializes in bridal, beauty, and editorial makeup, as well as special occasion and high definition camera-ready looks. She has a diverse portfolio which displays her range of expertise with clients of all ages, ethnicities, complexions, and genders. 

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Kim first became interested in makeup from a desire to learn how to properly apply her own but was continually disappointed by the styles and techniques demonstrated on her own face. You’ve heard “If you want something done right, then you do it yourself” right? Well after visiting various makeup counters and brands she decided to take matters into her own hands. Necessity and frustration prompted her to take a class which featured professional bridal makeup application. From there, her fascination with makeup and skincare grew. Who knew that those interests would actually be channeled into a career! 

Kim’s most significant areas of frustration with the techniques were that they did not seem to take into consideration her unique eye shape (asian monolid) or skin tone. The makeup often tended to look and feel heavy-handed. Often these techniques resulted in her thinking she just had on too much product and didn’t look or feel like herself. And thus was born the mission of About Face Makeup Artistry. The goal is to create a more polished version of  women with makeup that looks and feels wearable. Kim sought colors and techniques that were appropriate for her skin tone and complexion. Her goals to enhance, not obscure a woman’s natural features.

Over time, Kim has developed her own signature style of artistry that she translates in a unique way to each of her clients. She uses her painterly technique to ensure that your features are beautifully enhanced and occasion appropriate.